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"Real gold nugget, their single "Change is coming" reached more than 4M streams."

- Decibels Music Awards 2020

"I swear, we will talk a lot about Winter Woods in the next years..."

- Fanny Gillard, Classic 21

Winter Woods is an indie/folk/pop band from Belgium. Within this project, they are looking for a pure expression of their souls throughout music. Shades of sound are at the heart of their tracks, using the blunt power of acoustic instruments : Guitar, banjo, double bass, violin, piano,... An intense moment with the listeners, making them want to take the road or sit in front of an open fire during winter...

Their Album « Rosewood », recorded in 2019 at the ICP studio in Brussels, is an open book showing the mind of Winter Woods and invites you to a journey full of introspection and adventure. Winter Woods is now ready to face new challenges and create new music. Their show at the Botanique in Brussels on the 16th October 21 will be the first step into the new journey they’re going on with their new track :

« Anyway ».


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